Center Based Program

Center Based Program at Challenge

The Center Based Program at Challenge Early Intervention Center exposes children to a variety of social, cognitive and sensory experiences within the classroom and community. The center's curriculum stresses the development of age appropriate learning, play, language and socialization skills.

Children are encouraged to explore, pose/solve problems and develop an appreciation of all people from culturally, racially and developmentally diverse backgrounds. Parents are welcome to observe, ask questions, and share their observations of their child's progress, strengths and needs.

Parents who visit the parent lounge receive information and support from other parents while their children are in class. Parent support groups and informational workshops are offered on topics of importance to parents by the school and social services staff.

Topics for discussion include travelling enjoyably in the community with your child with special needs, learning about parks, museums, and other cultural institutions with special accomodations for children with special needs, transition from EI to CPSE and other community programs, eligibility for services through OPWDD such as respite, Medicaid waiver and residential habilitation, eligibility for health insurance through DOH/EIP resources, creating a health care notebook for your child, and advocating effectively for your child.

Challenge's Center Based Program is under the direction of Shaindy Landau, MS Ed. The program is an approved NYC DOH Dept of Day Care site.

Shaindy Landau can be reached at 718-851-3300 ext 201.