How to Start

How Can I Refer My Child?

Infants and toddlers who live in New York City and:

  • are from birth to three years old, and
  • have a diagnosed physical or mental condition that is likely to result in a developmental delay; or
  • are suspected of having a developmental delay or disability.

These infants and toddlers will receive an evaluation to find out if they are eligible for the Early Intervention Program. Children must be eligible in order to receive services.

To Refer Your Child, Call 311 and Ask for the Early Intervention Program.
For More Information about services Challenge provides or the referral process, call us at 718 851 3300.


What if my child is not eligible?
Not all children with delays are eligible for the EIP. If a child is at risk of developing a delay, or has been evaluated and found not eligible for Early Intervention, the family may enroll in the Early Intervention Developmental Monitoring Program at no cost.
What happens when my child is referred?

A service coordinator will be assigned. She/he will explain how the EIP works and help the family choose an evaluation agency.

If the evaluation shows that a child is eligible for the EIP, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting will be held. At the IFSP meeting, the family works with a team to develop goals and a plan that meets their child's developmental needs. After the meeting early interventionists (NYS Licensed, Certified or Registered teachers and therapists) will work with the family to help their child learn.

Since children learn best from the people that they spend the most time with, early interventionists work with each child and family during their daily routines. The service coordinator works with the family to ensure that the EIP is working for them.

Who Will pay for services?
  • Health Insurance (if available), including private insurance and Medicaid, may be used to pay for early intervention services.
  • EIP Services must be provided at no cost to you and will not affect your insurance coverage
When early intervention services are delivered in child care settings or community locations that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying any associated costs with such access to child care or community locations.


For More Information, Refer to Early Intervention Steps: A Parent’s Basic Guide to The Early Intervention Program
Early Intervention Steps

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Source:The Early Intervention Program: A Parent’s Guide p.8, NYS Dept of Health