Since my daughter RZ is aging out of Early Intervention this month. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful staff at Challenge who made the experience a real pleasure. I specifically would like to acknowledge the amazing work of our most wonderful Service Coordinator, TA, whose genuine concern and professionalism make her a SC par excellence.

We had a different child on the program 10 years ago and came back to Challenge and TA because our first experience was so good. We were certainly not let down and thank you all for providing us with outstanding service!
RZ and family

Dear Miracle Team at Challenge Early Intervention:

Our family cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our son. Challenge has become his second home for the past year and we couldn’t be more thankful for that. You all have given him the building blocks he needs to strive in whatever his future may hold!  You are all going to be missed and will always have a special place in our hearts. Challenge was the answer to our prayers.

We want to thank you for your hard work and devotion for the time that you served as our service coordinator. We greatly appreciate your caring and sensitive manner and your attentive and professional approach to providing us with clinicians, following up with us, assisting with paperwork (and for all the behind-the-scenes work you do as well)!

We will always be grateful for all of your assistance with A’s early development!
Fondly, JH

Our son’s team exceeded all my expectations of the progress he is capable of achieving.  They are true professionals. And my heart is broken, having to say good bye.  You will never be forgotten. NZ
Dear Mrs S,
Thank you so much for all your help, kindness and devotion. We are very fortunate to work with you and really appreciate it! Thank You, SA
My name is EP and I am the mother of E & AP – twins, who were “Challenge Clients” for the last 3 years. The services with your agency were just ended. Therefore I’m writing to you to thank “Challenge” for the excellent services my children have gotten during all this time.

I would like to thank all the people who’ve been involved in working with my children. My sincere appreciation to our wonderful therapists, YP and YB, whose hard work and valuable advice and recommendations were so helpful and who became so loved by my daughter. But my special thanks and greatest appreciation are to our coordinator, TP, who was with us all those not easy 3 years. Knowledgeable, responsible, honest, she was always there to help and immediately responsive to any needs or concerns. Her wonderful personality makes it easy to make contact and work with her.

We, parents, with all our concerns, sometimes are not so easy to work with and her patience and professionalism were just amazing. We were lucky to have Mrs P as Challenge Service Coordinator for all this time.. I wish her and all Challenge staff all the very best in the New Year and may years of success, giving help to babies and children in our community.

With the most sincere thanks, EP
Thank you again for all your help and guidance through this entire process, from A-Z. You always had the answers and took care of things in the most timely fashion. Working with you both times, with M and H’s cases, has really been a pleasure. Thank you again for everything and for making the process/experience a smooth and seamless one.

With our deepest thanks, YD

Dearest F,
Whenever we were in demand,
You were always there to lend a hand.
We are so thankful for your great share
C. Progressed so beautifully the past year.
By every project you poured in a handful of love and care…
Kindness blooms with a special color every time it is remembered…
Parting such a sweet sorrow but it is definitely made easier knowing that we are going forward for bigger and greater things.
C will always remember it…
With appreciation, The L Family
“My little hands will wave you goodbye…I’ll try not to cry…”